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Emanuele Di Lorenzo

Professor of Earth, Environmental, & Planetary Sciences

Large-scale ocean & climate dynamics, solutions for coastal resilience, climate and marine ecosystems dynamics


Caitlyn Carpenter

Undergraduate Student

Coastal reilience

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Spenser Wipperfurth

Ph.D. Graduate Student

Nature-based coastal and ecosystem resilience


Elise Beaudin

Ph.D. Graduate Student

Ocean modeling, regional transport dynamics in the Gulf of Alaska


Youngjun Son

Ph.D. Graduate Student

Numerical modeling of coastal dynamics and compound flooding in coastal regions.


Kyungmin Park

Ph.D. Graduate Student

Ocean and coastal modeling, hurricane, storm surge, sediment transport, prediction of flood inundation


Giangiacomo Navarra

Ph.D. Graduate Student

North Pacific ocean and atmosphere variability, climate modeling


Karim Lakhani

Ph.D. Graduate Student

Paleoclimate and inverse modeling


Jade Sainz

Research Scientist

Environmental science, fishery management and aquaculture


Yusen Liu

Ph.D. Graduate Student

Large-scale climate dynamics of ocean and atmosphere

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Salah Ajjur

Postdoctoral Researcher

Coastal ocean and hydrology modeling

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Graduate Students:

Kelsey Perez (M.S.), 2020-2022 (graduated)

Kyungmin Park (Ph.D.), 2018-2022 (graduated)

Giangiacomo Navarra (Ph.D.), 2017-2022 (graduated)

Erin Guderian (Ph.D.), 2019-2021 (transferred to UC Boulder)

Tongtong Xu (Ph.D.), 2017-2021 (graduated)

Youngji Joh (Ph.D.), 2015-2020 (graduated)

Ahn Soengho (Ph.D.), 2017-2019 (graduated, co-advised)

Paige Copenhaver (Ph.D.), 2018-2019

Donghua Cai (M.S.), 2014-2017 (graduated)

Jade Sainz (Ph.D., University of California Santa Barbara, co-advising), 2016-2021

Giovanni Liquori (Ph.D.), 2013-2018 (graduated)

Maria Mercedes Pozo Buil (Ph.D.), 2012-2017 (graduated)

Alex Ke (Ph.D.), 2014-2015 (not finished)

Andrew Davis (Ph.D.), 2009-2014 (graduated)

Lina Ceballos (Ph.D.), 2006-2009 (not graduated)

Vincent Combes (Ph.D.), 2005-2010 (graduated)

Jason Furtado (Ph.D.), 2005-2010 (graduated)

Carina Saxton, (M.S.), 2006-2009 (graduated)

Dana Ionita (M.S. co-advising), 2005-2007 (graduated)

Sara Vieira (Ph.D. co-advising), 2005-2007 (graduated)

Lokesh Padhye (Ph.D.), 2004-2005 (graduated)


Undergraduate Students:

Anna Handley, Dean Fellowship College of Science, 2018

Mengqiao Gao, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2018

Alexandra Sitar, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, 2017-2018

Namrata Kolla, Public Policy and Earth Science, 2015-2017

Andrew Smith, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, 2012-2014
Eleanor Middlemas, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, 2012-2014

Hunter Clausen, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, 2010-2012

Carina Saxton, Math, 2004-2006

Dian Putrasahan, Chemical Engineering, 2005


Visiting Scholars & Students:

Sheng Wu (Peking University, Beijing, China), 2018-2019

Gulia Bonino (University of Bologna, Italy), 2017-2019

Yingying Zhao (Peking University, Beijing, China), 2016-2018

David Donoso (SCOR Fellow, University Cattolica, Chile), 2015

Romeo Saldivar (Center for Marine Science, La Paz), 2014

Raffaele Ruggio (Applied Math, University of Lecce), 2012-2013
Maria Mercedes Pozo Buil (Oceanography, University of Cadiz) 2010-2012

Patrick Kilduff (Biology, University of California Davis ), 2011

Neri Mariani (Statistics, University of Florence), 2008-2009

Cesare Mosca (Civil Engineering, University of Pisa), 2006-2007

Tom Kilparick (Oceanography, University of Hawaii) 2006-2007


Postdoctoral Students and Research Scientists

Yingying Zhao (Ph.D. Peking University), 2019-present

Ata Suanda (Ph.D. from Oregon State), 2016-2017

Xiufeng Xang (Ph.D. from Georgia Tech), 2014-2016

Laurie Trenary (Ph.D. from University of Colorado Boulder), 2012-2013

Hao Luo (Ph.D. from University of Arizona), 2009-2014

Hazem Nagy (Ph.D. University of Turkey, Fulbright Scholar), 2010-2011

Ketty Chhak (Ph. D. from University of Colorado), 2006-2008


Administrative Personnel:

Daniela Estrada, 2018-present, OSE Program Coordinator

Shellby Miller, 2016-2018, OSE Program Coordinator

Matteo Miller, 2012-2014, Programmer and OCES Computing System Admin

Janet McGraw, 2008-2015, Group Administrative Support

Keith Mercer, 2016-2017, Programmer and Computing System Admin

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